Stakeholders of the Austrian Biosafety Clearing House

Target audiences and stakeholder for the Austrian Biosafety Clearing House

The BCH is the core information mechanism to exchange information relevant for the implementation of the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety. The name was chosen in reference to the international exchange mechanisms for financial services and commodities.

Additionally the BCH aims to strenghthen public awareness and participation with regard to GMO regulation as stipulated in Art. 23 of the Protocol.

The Webpages of the Austrian Biosafety Clearing House (A-BCH) constitute the Austrian information node of the Biosafety Clearing House and contain specific information on GMOs with regard to the Austrian situation and for the Austrian public.

The information is accessible in bilingual form (in German as well as in English) and aims to interconnect information regarding GMO applications in Austria published by Austrian authorities and other institutions.

The information contained in the BCH and the A-BCH targets the following user groups:

  • Authorities and national institutions, which are concerned with the transboundary movement of LMOs for deliberate release into the environment.
  • Businesses and institutions concerned with the development and transnational trade of LMOs.
  • NGOs, like environmental or consumer organisations which are concerned with the issue of (environmental) regulation of LMOs.
  • Farmers, which might grow LMOs or which could be involved in transboundary movements of LMOs.
  • Consumers and citizens, which are interested in factual information on LMOs.